The Busy Chick Secret to More Time

When doing my book research I asked people what phase of the consumption journey (Planning, Shopping, Cooking, Eating) was most challenging to them. Hardly anyone mentioned Eating. The theme that emerged was Time. Time across all the phases leading up to eating.

Time to plan meals, do the shopping and prepare the food 3+ times per day is a lot of work! And managing all the details takes up considerable mind space.

What truly surprised me when integrating my approach to mindfulness throughout my consumption journey was how time stopped being a challenge.

Mindfulness allowed me to:

  • Become aware of what was most important to me so I could prioritize effectively.
  • Stop judging myself and the world in general (or at least catch it!) to free up mental space for getting things done.
  • Notice procrastination in real time and move through it to stay on task.
  • Give myself permission to thoughtfully plan meals at the beginning of each week. (This particularly saves a ton of stress and extra effort throughout the week.)
  • Make food choices that more fully nourish and satisfy me, so I eat at mealtimes and don’t need to spend extra time during the day searching for snacks to provide energy.
  • Shop efficiently while enjoying the process.
  • Prepare meals faster while minimizing clean up (even when cooking from scratch).
  • Serve food to my family in a cadence that suits their energy needs, so there are less “hangry” episodes that take time to quell.

And through these time savings I have much more relaxation when sitting down to eat. I don’t feel the need to rush or double task because I’ve created the time to enjoy and appreciate the food and company surrounding me.

Feel like you need more time to create the mealtimes you desire? Give mindfulness a try.