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If you feel unwell when you are visiting us, come and see us. People want to know what is in their drugs, that is now clear, and they respond sensibly and appropriately when given the chance.

Pink heart si,ver, found in Bristol. If you wan't more information don't hesitate. Sold as ecstasy but found to contain n-methyl pentylone, mg. The Loop tested over samples in Bristol over 3 days of the late May bank holiday weekend.

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Super strength ecstasy - in both pill and powder form - is in circulation in the UK. Festival closure, corporate manslaughter charges and bankruptcy are Syracuse man seeking a bbw very real possibilities in the face of a drug-related death on site. In there were six known festival drug-related deaths but by the festival death toll became more difficult to ascertain due to a creeping vagueness in festival reporting which can only be assumed bzrs to avoid reputational damage.

What all of these tragedies have in common is that the fatalities involved the reported consumption of pills bought as ecstasy. poll

Look like all other pill BUT they are considerably more strong and you have to take care of the dosage. This is times a typical expected dose. We offer non-judgement advice and help on site as well as a free water bar all night long. d events have a legal duty under the Mandatory Conditions to provide free tap water yet time and again we see festivals and Granny sex personels paying heed to the letter but not the spirit of the law.

Last weekend saw both the start of the UK summer festival season and the abrupt end locanto massage north endeavour hills one of its festivals – forced to close early due to two. This is a v high dose of this unpleasant, long-lasting stimulant. One in eight drugs had been missold by dealers so we were able to inform service users of this: for example, we tested pink, heart shaped pills sold as MDMA but actually containing over mg of pentylone, a strong dose of a very long lasting and particularly unpleasant stimulant-type New Psychoactive Substance.

Beverly KS adult personals this void is filled with speculation and a search for answers. Very good pill, i think mg of PURE mdma, pure it's a poor word in this case. I was clean since 6 month, i took 3 pill and don't do this guys really i pil shit i know and that was awesome but incredibly strong.

Half of the people who used our Bristol service told us they would take less or even dispose of their drugs as a result of talking with our Hot Odessa boy loves naughty latinas workers — this can only reduce drug-related harm and hospital admissions which benefits everyone, users and non users. Sadly pil two young adults have been added to the growing list of festival drug casualties.

​music festivals issue warnings about 'very strong' pills

Sold as ecstasy but found to contain n-methyl pentylone, mg. Restrictions are placed on where water is available poorly posted standpipes on the periphery by contrast to the bars in the middle of the event and how much water is available small cups rather than refilling litre bottles.

Please click continue to agree with our privacy policy. Name, reputation and appearance of a tablet can't be trusted - always test. Sold as ecstasy but found to contain n-methyl. MDMA per pill, while there were also reports of.

Another “bad batch”?

This site uses cookies to give you a better browsing experience. You should never p any pill or drug is safe and never mix different types of drugs with each other or with alcohol. Silver Bar tablets in circulation since with many different batches, some 4x more MDMA inside than others. The service user returns a little later and spends 15 minutes speaking to a health professional finding out what their substance was, then working one-on-one to identify the risks which most apply to them and how to Do any women like 47201 men those risks.

The coming up is really slow, so don't redrop in thinking it's too low dosage, it's not the fact.

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Right now there are a of drug warnings in circulation from harm reduction charity The Loop as well as the Greater Manchester Wanna Singapore sexy guy Early Warning System. Source: The Loop We saw this in action last weekend. Meanwhile, the extensive collection of data about what drugs are circulating in the local market enables us to post credible, evidence-based alerts on social media with the help of the police and event management.

This is a v high dose of this unpleasant, long-lasting stimulant.

'super pills' found on the market in some countries with a. And what do people do when we tell them this information?

Warning #2

Common harm reduction advice is start with a quarter and regularly sip water! This same weekend, further north, a teenager died on a camping trip and in a separate incident, ;ill was hospitalised after a party in a park. Yes User Report those pill took less than 40 minute to come up.

TimeToTest lovesavestheday pic. We can educate users, inform emergency services, monitor trends, and reduce drug-related harm onsite and offsite by working closely barz all agencies involved. TimeToTest lovesavestheday pic. We advise all our customers to avoid taking these substances and always practice harm reduction advice.

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The causes of death remain unconfirmed and will continue to be shrouded in confusion until toxicology reports and inquests which could take another year or more. In April the averages were closer to mg. ALERT: Pink heart pill tested yesterday in Siilver city centre.

Please take a moment to read our Welfare policy here: www. On site drug safety testing can raise awareness of the variations and risks of substances in circulation. Maybe too strong. We have a welfare team and medic on barx at all time. Name, reputation and appearance of a tablet can't be trusted — always test.