Two Flavors of Free

Now that I’m an author I pay more attention to all things Kindle. Here are two deals to help you get reading!

Kindle Unlimited Free 30 Day Trial

I just realized this Unlimited free trial is a nice way to offer my book for free!

You can of course cancel after your first free month. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to continue on. 

Either way, I hope that within your free 30 days that you enjoy the content and tips in my book. 🙂 ! 

Read Kindle Books, No Kindle Required

If you don’t have a Kindle, here is a Free app that allows you to read Kindle material on other devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.)

This Kindle Cloud Reader works on your desktop and the Kindle reading app works on your mobile devices. (This is what I used before getting a Kindle. )

It’s Free and easy to install with just a few clicks. And then you don’t need another device to read all the great content on Kindle.