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Sears’ book does this superbly, giving readers a fresh perspective on the areas of purposeful action and careful reflection.
While there are many books these days on the topics of mindfulness and meditation, few seem to concentrate on particular aspects of life that might benefit from these concepts. MIND TO MOUTH does this by peering through the microscope at one of the more overlooked areas of our lives: mealtime. While we may hyper-focus on what we eat, there is less time devoted the how and why. Sears’ book does this superbly.
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Breathe. Taste. Savor. Smile….Engaging

Breathe. Taste. Savor. Smile. Mind to Mouth: A Busy Chick’s Guide to Mindful Mealtime Moments by Heather Sears is a book for all readers as it discusses the topic of food and what it means to nourish oneself with real food. The author’s journey about her struggles, questions, discoveries, and the solutions that have worked for her – based on practical ideas – can be incorporated into readers’ daily lives. The author highlights the importance of being mindful and how starting to notice the differences, paying attention to new things, and getting interested in what is around us can bring many benefits in life. This book will equip readers to be more aware and respond to the forces that they are up against during their mealtimes. 

Mind to Mouth is a book that will help readers have a deeper appreciation of themselves and create the type of mealtime outcome that they desire. The author’s exploration of the three key takeaways is useful to readers when it comes to planning, shopping, and preparing the meals because they have a great impact on what is put inside their mouths. The author’s personal experiences are engaging and will help readers perceive eating and food choices in a different light. The topic has been handled in a very interesting way that will make readers pay more attention to their eating habits by helping them to eat in moderation, break bad habits, reduce food cravings, develop an awareness of hunger, and make conscious food choices.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite: Awarded a 5 Start Review

Heather Sears has provided a remarkable book that is not only smart, but it explores the science, culture and real-life application of mindfulness in the kitchen.
Her engaging writing style is captivating, honest, practical and offers clear ways to bring mindfulness and mindful eating home to any person, mother or family without it becoming another recipe book. Heather weaves her personal experience, with hundreds of interviews and referenced articles.  She crafts each sentence to identify how to experience mindfulness in less than one minute!  This book is a pure inspiration that captivates the reader as it blends evidence-based research with an easy to understand how-to be mindful. This is MUST read for anyone who is longing to love food, cooking, shopping and eating again!
Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CD

Author, The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating and co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating

Whatever you are eating, put it down and read this book!
Technology and innovation are rapidly changing every aspect of our relationship with food. Sears provides an impressively insightful and factual account of this transformation and its impact on our daily lives. While we can do little to assuage this macro trend, her advice provides a fantastic, pragmatic start to reconnecting with who we are and how we can best nourish ourselves.
Lauren Abda, M.S.

Founder and CEO at Branchfood, co-founder of Branch Venture Group, local food enthusiast.

So true! Well written, catchy and easy to ready with insightful research and powerful information about how we really eat and how to improve it. Elisa L. Valente, MD.

Gastroenterologist at Atrius Health, Harvard Medical School Instructor, mother of two.

Mind to Mouth is the perfect, non-judgmental guide to getting in touch with all of your gastronomic senses.

Great book! I hadn’t considered mindfulness in eating before. As someone who rarely visits a grocery store and uses a delivery meal-cooking service, I know what it’s like to want to enjoy food more but not have the time to invest in it! Now, when I’m grabbing a quick lunch with friends, dining out, or cooking at home, I taste the spices and appreciate the origin of the meal — and I’ve become more open to trying new foods.

Whitney Bailer

Agriculture Commuicator, newlywed.

Mind to Mouth is that rare find in the self-help genre.

It informs, provides practical advice and actually empowers you to feel good about your choices!  Most of us eat 3X a day, 365 days a year, but many of us consume more food and enjoy it less than we want to. Heather explains how being conscious about food before and during mealtimes can ultimately add joy to your day, help you save time and money, and let go of the guilt!
Kimberly Allen

Former Media Executive at Traditional Home and InStyle, single mom and busy chick.

Full of practical tips that are easy to integrate into your life – no matter how busy your schedule is. 

Funny enough I was just eating a poke bowl while nursing my 4 week old and trying not to spill on her head and thinking about this book. Luckily because of my mindfulness practice I stopped, took a deep breath and realized I’d enjoy my $15 poke bowl if I ate it after finishing nursing when I could savor it a little more.

Lisa Abramson

Co-founder, Mindfulness Based Achievement, best-selling author of The Wise Mama Guide to Maternity Leave: Avoid Burnout, “Bad Mom Syndrome,” and Other Common Pitfalls of Motherhood, TEDx Speaker, mother of two.

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