Has modern life left you too busy to taste?

Do you remember what the last thing you ate actually tasted like, where you ate it, and with whom? 


You’re probably like most people, double-tasking and rushing through activities and meals.

That was the author then, literally choking on her working lunches.

Now, Heather Sears, a marketing executive, entrepreneur and mom, has a mindful approach to mealtimes. Learn how she transformed her relationship to meals, and now connects more deeply with her food, her family and herself.

“Whatever you are eating, put it down and read this book… a fantastic, pragmatic start to reconnecting with who we are and how we can best nourish ourselves.” Lauren Abda, CEO and Founder Branchfood

Get smart about modern mealtime triggers

Discover surprising hidden mealtime influences discovered by gastrophysicists, neuromarketers and other scientists.

Create more joy and less overwhelm

Learn a simple way to create mental space and be more fully present. Understand what is happening in your brain and why this approach does not take more time but is highly effective.

Increase connection with your food, and yourself

Get tips on how mindful moments can transform meal planning, shopping, cooking, and eating.

As a busy chick who was literally choking through meals…

Heather was determined to find out what had gone so wrong with modern mealtimes. And most importantly, what she could do to make them the nourishing, delicious times they had the potential to be.

After months of exploring her own and other women’s experience, interviewing experts, and diving into scientific research, she found the answer in applying mindfulness to the mealtime journey—from planning to shopping to cooking to eating.

Learn easy-to-digest tips that fit into already packed schedules. You’ll see how you can be both a busy chick and a mindful one at the same time!

What readers Are Saying

“Pure inspiration that captivates the reader.

A remarkable book that is not only smart, but explores science, culture and real-life application… her engaging writing style is captivating, honest, practical … it offers clear ways to bring mindfulness and mindful eating home to any person, mother or family without it becoming another recipe book...”
Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDE. Co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating

Mind to Mouth is like a good chat with a candid, insightful girlfriend over wine & chocolate!

Consumption starts in our minds, well before our mouths get involved… an entertaining, smart read that brings together fascinating data on what we are up against and the way to thrive!”

Maya R. Personal Chef, Yogi, Mother

So true! Well written, catchy and easy to read.

Heather’s Mind to Mouth shares insightful research and powerful information about how we really eat and how to improve it.”
Elisa L. Valente, MD. Gastroenterologist at Atrius Health, Harvard Medical School Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a meditation book?
No. There is some information on meditation in the appendix but the book focuses on the influences that busy women face in modern mealtimes, how the author goes about inserting moments of presence of mind and heart when she is meal planning, shopping cooking and eating, and her benefits such as happier, healthier family meals, increased peace of mind and even some weight loss.
Is this a cookbook?
No. This is a fun, informative research-based personal exploration and how-to guide.
What are the author's credentials?

Besides being a busy mom and working in the world of consumer and digital marketing, Heather started a meditation practice over 20 years ago. She was an Asian Studies major in college and learned mindfulness from Jon Kabat Zinn. She also has studied at the Cordon Bleu and has made over 30 food-focused trips to Europe.

While working through why she was repeatedly choking during meals, she realized that each bite was the end of a journey of many decisions, one that mirrored the classic marketing consumer journey. While marketers are very focused on understanding consumer desire and decisions along the path to eating, most people are not. She put on her marketing hat, combined with knowledge of mindfulness & food, to understand and address her mealtime challenges.

Can I just buy the book now?
Yes, here is the link to Amazon.
If I want to purchase, what is your refund policy?
The book is available through Amazon and many local book stores. Any purchase would be under their respective return guidelines.