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Bi couples stories

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I would like to find a girl that is like me, a little bigger, but not sloppy or xtories. Be my cougar fantasy. Im not waiting for perfection.

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Myself, I'm 5'10" and weight about pounds. We my wife and I were dating, she let me know up front that she was bi and hoped this would not inter with our They had met at the bar of the hotel – two married couple.

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Related Tags (4). Two seconds later they gave me their home address and phone. I sories tell she liked talking about his cock because she was getting very Live granny cams Wheatley and she was really starting to fuck me good. We drank another glass of wine when, all of a sudden, I found Allison all over me.

But I knew I could never act on this feeling. We got all dressed up. Read Our First Bi-Foursome - Free Sex Story on! Paul's eyes closed and then opened again to look at me. You always like to put the old one down and pick up the new one and play with it as long as you can.

Then he moved in me again and realized that the fact that another man was fucking me like a woman was making me crazily turned-on. She kissed me hard while I fucked her hand. While we were dating, we could go out with Gary and Becky a lot. I had a stash of gay porn in the house where no one would find it.

Our first bi-foursome

I was totally sated and quite exhausted. This was the first opening in my life where I could get my wife thinking about sleeping with another man. I could hear him moaning louder and louder.

He told me not to worry about it that he had it taken care of. I was very nervous at first She could not get her hand around it.

I wanted to devour her. The four of us have been getting together twice a month for the last 10 years.

My wife, Sophie, is 5 feet tall and weights about pounds, dark hair and a set of beautiful 34C tits. Becky then started to undress. Steve kept finding a way to keep brushing pass me and rubbing me without anyone seeing him. Then he inserted a finger into me and began to massage my g-spot while concentrating his tongue on my hard clit.

Our first time with another bi-couple

She pushed me down and took my cock out and started sucking it. He buried his head between my thighs and licked my opening from top to bottom.

Then she moved her head and began to nip at my other breast. He did, stoires almost 30 minutes. Allison showed us to our room and we changed into our swimsuits.

Bi stories post

Active Single and ready for commitment. Her had a beautiful body, couplles tits are about 34D and pussy was nicely trimmed. I am 22, 5'10', lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasted, 'and bi. One in particular caught my eye, it was from someone 'who's handle was BBW.

He told me now he knew why Becky was all of a sudden asking him to eat her pussy after they had fucked. He held me there as I felt jet and jet of his warm milky stodies fill my insides.

Wife dominates husband and black guy in bisexual threesome. My wife loved stuff like that.

This was finally too much for me. I copules her I too liked to look at cocks with foreskin. She sucked one nipple into her warm mouth and gently tongued its hardness. 'married bi couples' stories.

Free bi stories

Active tags. It felt great rubbing against my prostate.

We then had a few glasses of champagne I waited another ten minutes and nothing. 'bisexual' stories. We my wife and I were dating, she let me know up front that she was bi and hoped this would not inter with our relationship.

I would look at mine and master ways to give me the maximum pleasure in storise I ever got with a man I would know how to please him. Active tags Couple's dominant lover returns to their life, with a twist! I had begun a slow fucking motion again by then and I said ok. I kissed her up and down and concentrated on her clit.