Data. Storytelling. Authenticity.

Through the years I have been a speaker on many marketing topics. My approach, whether on a panel, a fireside chat, or at the podium, is to weave stories around data and experiences. Authentically sharing and engaging with audiences can be a powerful way to impart knowledge and shift mindsets.

Now I am also giving talks to groups interested in hearing about the repeatable benefits of applying mindfulness and meditation. Topics include:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness 101: What they Are, Why You Need to Know, and How to Start
  • Creating a Nourishing Consumption Journey: How to apply Moments of Mindfulness to Live Your Best Mealtimes
  • Mindful Consumption for Busy Chicks: The ABCs of Reconnecting with Your Food and Yourself

Contact me to discuss at greetingsheather@gmail.com.


Thank you so much for working with us all at BISB yesterday. Your training, and your insight into mindfulness, was invaluable.” – British International School of Boston


“Thank you for your time and effort! Your content was insightful and delightful. We heard wonderful feedback from the participants. “  – BMG