Marketing Consulting

“Hey there…”

“You sure look focused,” commented the guy in the seat next to me.

My client was on stage at SXSW in a standing-room only session (with a long queue outside the door) sharing the case study of his brand’s campaign using my company’s mobile technology. I was making the real-time social posts and replies. One wrong tap and I’d have to start the carefully crafted tweet all over. So yes, I was paying close attention.

“Does that stuff ever make a difference?” he continued.

I took a breath before answering and in the space of that inhale, a tweet came through: “Awesome case study. Can we meet to discuss?” With that connection grew the largest revenue stream of the year.


In fast-growth situations marketers need to wear a lot of hats. I may be setting the high-level strategy and taking care of clients, as well as contributing to revenue growth, thought leadership content and yankee swaps. It’s critical to be a clear-sighted thinker, collaborative partner and prioritized leader.

Mission: Possible

Are you a company on a mission to transform your industry and make lives better?

I offer consulting and fractional marketing leadership to fast-moving, mission-driven companies. I work with early-stage game-changers, as well as established brands focused on innovation.

My experience leading critical activities through IPO and corporate acquisitions gives me the wisdom to create successful outcomes for your venture. Areas of interest include:

  • Go-to-market strategy and planning
  • Strategic positioning and messaging
  • Communication strategy
  • Cross channel marketing platform development
  • Research and insight generation

I would love to support your next great endeavor. Let’s connect!

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Let's Connect!

Let's Connect!

image: Kellogg Global Hub, Northwestern University

Mindfully Marketing

“How do you stay so calm?” 

“Now THAT’s an idea I can get behind!”

“Your team’s work is the most innovative and creative in this company.” 

It’s official, mindfulness and meditation support business success.

Harvard Business Review agrees that mindful leadership can create a business advantage, including:

  • Mindful (re)framing of situations for powerful strategic planning
  • Mindful ideation for creative insight in planning
  • Mindful awareness for deeper listening and reflective, not reactive, decisions

Curious on how this happens?
Ask me how practicing mindfulness and meditation have helped me shape successful outcomes for my clients and employers. It works and it’s all good.