A Busy Chick’s Guide to Mindful
Mealtime Moments

“This book is a pure inspiration that captivates the reader as it blends evidence-based research with an easy to understand how-to be mindful. This is MUST read for anyone who is longing to love food, cooking, shopping and eating again!”

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDE
Author and Co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating 

If your busy, modern life has left you with little time to think about meals and if you sometimes feel too busy to taste, Mind to Mouth will help you reconnect with food, and yourself.

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As a busy chick who was literally choking through meals…

Heather Sears was determined to find out what had gone so wrong with modern mealtimes. And most importantly, what she could do to make them the nourishing, delicious times they had the potential to be.

After months of exploring her own and other women’s experience, interviewing experts, and diving into scientific research, she found the answer in applying mindfulness to the mealtime journey—from planning to shopping to cooking to eating.

Mind to Mouth offers insights into what influences our food choices and how, through mindfulness, we can take control of the experience of what goes into our mouths.

Insights, Tips, and Practical Advice

Readers who want to understand and enjoy their consumption journeys will learn:

  •  Surprising, often invisible, internal and external influences that shape food decisions and experiences.
  •    A simple, effective approach for creating real-time mindful moments.
  •    How to identify and interrupt unhelpful thought processes.
  •    Ways to plan, shop, cook, and eat mindfully; and save time, energy, and money!


This book is for moms and women who are hungry for the mental space needed to better connect with their food and their life.

It is for those who appreciate science-based insights about the impact of internal and external stimuli on mealtimes; and for anyone who enjoys a friendly, firsthand account of introducing mindfulness into choosing, preparing and consuming meals.

Publishing Data

Release date: November 6, 2017
5x8, Trade paper and ebook, 226 pages
ISBN 978-0-9993043-0-3, $14.99
Kensho Press; Distributed through Ingram and Amazon


Introduction: Too Busy to Swallow

Growing up, I could often be found sitting barefoot at the family table, long hair uncombed, eating fresh, homemade yogurt. My mom grew alfalfa sprouts on the counter. The tomatoes and cucumbers came from the garden. And we regularly visited the health food co-op for bulk grains and carob treats. This was way before it was trendy—back when chia seeds were used in chia pets, not puddings. My mom was a beautiful mix of earthy artist and self-educated sophistication, and she taught me what it meant to nourish myself with real food.

Her influence led me to other forms of nourishment too. In a moment of curiosity one day while I was in high school, I picked up one of my mom’s books about meditation. I started attending weekly meditation sessions with her and developed a daily practice of my own, which helped calm my turbulent teenage thoughts and moody emotions. In those early years, I was training my attention and cultivating inner stillness late into the night.

Fast forward to today. I’m now an urban mom who works in the always-on world of digital media. Life seems to have gotten progressively denser: multichannel work demands, childcare and mommy duties, household management, trying to squeeze in a workout (often unsuccessfully), planning and prepping every meal. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat.

The modern treadmill.

For years, I rushed through day after day as I tried to check every item off my growing to-do list. This pace sped up when I was working from home with my son in preschool, intensely multitasking to get work finished before pick-up time. And then I started choking.

I would be triple-tasking as usual while eating my lunch at the counter or even while walking to the table. The food would get caught in my throat and just not go down. I would have to sit very still for what felt like an eternity, hacking away, waiting for my throat to clear so I could swallow.

This happened repeatedly. At the same time, I was making progressively less healthy, more impulsive and convenient food choices for my family and myself, serving a diet of microwaved mush and takeout.

I’m part country girl—tied to the land, drawn to farm-fresh food and home cooking—and part city chick, happy to embrace tech and packaged time-savers that help me get it all done. But the woes of modern life had taken over; I felt like I’d lost a part of myself. I didn’t feel like me.

While I still valued and craved nourishing, delicious mealtime experiences, I was focused on getting each gotta-do done and had lost the sparks of inspiration that in the past drove the creation of meals filled with flavor, warmth, and contentment: the food that restored and revived me. I was cooking and eating but not at all satisfied.

Mind to Mouth goes beyond your typical mindfulness book. Heather weaves a compelling story that shares surprising research and demonstrates how our environment and lack of attention control decisions and experiences. Women who want more ease and enjoyment in their journey to mealtimes will be inspired by her voice and approach.” 
– Brynn S., former Luxury Goods Executive, Enthusiastic Food Shopper